In this day and age where we have an account for everything in our digital lives, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of and manage your productivity.

So we’ve put together a list of our top tools to streamline workflow and to work in a more efficient & productive manner…

Dashlane – Password Management

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Dashlane is an all in one password management tool that keeps all your passwords in one secure location. Not only will Dashlane remember your existing passwords, but it will generate & store secure passwords for you, and enter them for you when you login too.

In addition to the free version, there is also a premium version which allows you unlimited backups and direct access to your data via the web app – all for an annual subscription fee.

Trello – Team Work Made Easier

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As one of the leading project management & collaboration apps, Trello allows you to share updates with your co workers, assign tasks & manage your workflow.  It works on the concept of boards (or projects) and cards (tasks), and allows members to discuss projects and tasks in real time and keep your co workers informed.

Trello offers free, business & enterprise plans.

RescueTime – Analyse Your Productivity

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With your work and personal life often being in the same location, RescueTime enables you to keep track of what you spend the most time doing and allows you to improve your work / life balance. It analyses your digital behavior and helps you understand your working habits so you can focus and be more productive. It works by running in the background and tracking the time you spend using different applications and websites. It then gives you detailed reports complete with tips on how to improve your productivity.

RescueTime offers both free & premium versions, with premium offering insight into extra metrics (including time away from computer etc.) and faster processing.

Google Drive – Free Cloud Storage

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If you haven’t heard of it already, Google Drive is a free cloud storage platform. Signing up for an account gives you 15GB worth of free cloud storage, and access to Google’s answer to Office – Google Docs. Drive works across the Google platform, integrating with Gmail, Chrome, Docs and…

Google Keep – Cloud Notes

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Keep is Google’s answer to OneNote, Notes (Apple) and Evernote. You can write notes & lists, and choose as and when to get reminders. The beauty of Keep is the seamless cross-platform integration that it offers, allowing you – with a single sign on – to write and see your notes & lists from all your devices. And what’s better is that it’s completely free.

Moodnotes – Track Your Moods & Improve Thinking Habits

Moodnotes is an iOS app that actively works to improve your mood and creative habits and your overall mental health. The app was developed in partnership with 2 clinical psychologists and works to turn your mental state into data.

The way the app works is through a daily questionnaire (of sorts) – it asks you how you’re feeling, and you respond with a choice of smiley faces, and it’ll then ask you to elaborate by assigning feelings to smileys. The app then works to identify negative thinking habits and improve your mental state.

Office 365 – MS Office For 2017

The one. The only. Microsoft Office.

This productivity behemoth has restructured the way they sell their widely used software. In the past, it was sold on a one-off price for whichever version of the software you required.

Now it’s sold via monthly & annual subscription packages, varying based on software included. As a business user, you’re going to be looking at one of the enterprise packages, which come with fixed numbers of users.

While moving to a plan-based payment system can seem intimidating, there are benefits including Exchange (with premium and above) which hosts all your business email accounts, and 1TB of cloud storage (per account) with OneDrive.

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