Today we use the internet almost as an extension of ourselves, and our businesses too… We deal with many clients who are looking to make their business as visible as possible in Google and on social media. Most business owners tend to think that now they’ve got a well optimised & good looking website, the traffic should come on it’s own, right? Well, while it’s a major benefit to have a good website, this is only half the battle – the traffic will not come on its own. So here’s 3 things you can start doing right now to bring those potential customers to your website and boost your website in search engine rankings:

Google My Business

Perth Website Design Geraldton IT Services Computers Subiaco Midland So here’s something extremely simple and easy that you can do right now – get a Google My Business page. If you don’t have this already, then we highly recommend you sign up! If your business has been around for a while, then it’s possible that Google has a page made up for you already – You can search your business name in Google to check this, and if you see a listing on the right of the page, then you can claim it by verifying your address. It’s most likely that there isn’t an existing page for your business already. To create one you can simply go to GMB and sign up. It’ll ask you to fill in all the applicable details of your business, and to add photos and images such as your logo. The more info you include the better. Then once you have completed the listing, you’ll be asked to verify your address. To complete this step, Google will send a postcard to you in the mail with a code on it. It takes about 2 weeks for the card to arrive, and then you’ll simply follow the instructions included. Once you have verified your business, you’ll massively improve your search engine visibility.


Perth IT services geraldton website design If your website has a blogging section, then it would be highly beneficial to put it to good use. The more relevant content you consistently publish to your website, the more search engines will take notice. For a more in depth explanation of this, you can read all about the relationship between blogging & SEO (search engine optimisation). Basically: publish relevant blog posts regularly = higher position in search engine results.

Social Media

Perth Website Design Social MEdia Geraldton IT Services If you consider a blog post a large signal to search engines, then a post on social media would be small signal. The key though, is to publish them more regularly. Read more on how social media posts affect your SEO. With Social Media, you want to grow your audience and captivate them with relevant and useful content. Each time you post to your blog, share the link across you social media profiles. Just done an outstanding job out on site? take a photo & post it. Link it back to your website’s home page. Hopefully if you’ve done your job properly, your followers will like & share your posts and you’ll get more followers.  

…but it’s all reliant on a good foundation.

  All those post shares and page views won’t do much for your SEO efforts if the foundation isn’t right. The foundation? your website. If you haven’t had your website configured by a professional, or don’t have an advanced understanding of on-page SEO practices, then your efforts will go largely unnoticed by Google and other search engines.  

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